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Business presentations to senior executives define and accelerate corporate careers. A mid-point check-in for your project. An internal career discussion for the next promotion. A pitch to get funding for a business idea. Sparkling in these meetings can alter the trajectory of your corporate career.

However, there is a disconnect. Most business professionals have not been trained in the art and science of business presentations that senior executives expect. This disconnect leads to chaotic meetings, abandoned ideas and stalled corporate careers.

Hello, I am Rajat Mishra. I believe everyone can succeed in these crucial business meetings and presentations. And, during my corporate career (Senior Vice President at Cisco, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, Engineering Leader at Microsoft, Online Sales at Google), I have had numerous conversations with friends and colleagues on how to crack the code in crucial business meetings and presentations.

I started “Think Deeply. Speak Simply” in a humble effort to help busy business professional sparkle in these crucial meetings and presentations. I will share practical tips, expert secrets and inspired thoughts that hopefully, help your business presentations and your career sparkle!

All the best!