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  • March 01 ,2019

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Is diversification for suckers?

Modern economics is built on diversification “Diversification is the only free lunch on wall street” Anonymous Modern portfolio theory lavishes praise on diversification. The basic thesis is that while higher returns require a higher amount of risk; diversifying or spreading your risk across different assets with low correlation to each other can give you highRead More…

shake shack; dialog
  • September 01 ,2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

The dialogue of Customer Experience

“Hospitality is a dialogue” – Danny Meyer I love Shake Shack. On several occasions, I have walked for 45-60 minutes in the humidity and heat of Las Vegas, to get to the Shake Shack on Las Vegas boulevard while skipping many gourmet restaurants in the hotels of Vegas. I do like the Smoke Shack burgerRead More…

  • August 01 ,2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Factfulness: Why “Developing” vs. “Developed” makes no sense?

We use emotion-fueled “instincts” and sensational stories to frame a binary state of the world. Developed vs. Developing. Rich vs. Poor. West vs. East. These binary frameworks make for simpler narratives and comfort us while labeling others. I have been guilty of this assumption too. Last weekend, I read Hans Rosling’s wonderful book “Factfulness: Ten Reasons weRead More…

  • July 01 ,2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Intelligent Altruism: Have Courage and be Kind

“The intelligent altruists will be fitter than both the unintelligent altruists and selfish individuals”. Herbert Simon Have Courage and Be Kind Kindness and Courage are values I strive to live by (the third value being Learning). But, I always found an inherent conflict between the two. An extreme version of kindess is the “doormat effect”Read More…

  • January 02 ,2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

How Reagan’s Challenger Address inspires personal connection?

“Everything I do is personal.” – Francis Ford Coppola On January 28, 1986, the American shuttle orbiter Challenger broke up 73 seconds after liftoff, bringing a devastating end to the spacecraft’s 10th mission. The disaster claimed the lives of all seven astronauts aboard. It was a tragedy that shook the country. Even before the smokeRead More…

  • December 16 ,2017

  • Written By Deepti Juturu

Princess Diana’s magic of Ethos, Pathos and Logos

Twenty years ago, the world lost one of its most beloved leaders: Princess Diana. She was a vivacious, empathetic, and committed leader with a passion for her people. While other royalty led from the throne, Diana led from the field. Known as the “people’s princess,” Diana was the epitome of a servant leader. From theRead More…

  • December 01 ,2017

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

What the Black Eyed Peas flash mob teaches us about driving change?

“I got a feeling … tonight’s gonna be a good night” – Black Eyed Peas The Black Eyed Peas opened for Oprah Winfrey’s 24th season kickoff party in the fall of 2009. The performance was great. But what was spectacular was that in the course of a few minutes after the Black Eyes Peas startedRead More…

  • October 01 ,2017

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

A more beautiful question

“In the word question, there is a beautiful word – quest. I love that word.” – Elie Wiesel Questions help us challenge existing ideas, discover new beliefs, find higher ground and keep climbing. And, as Warren Berger says in A More Beautiful Question, “You don’t learn unless you question.” We may think we ask aRead More…

  • September 01 ,2017

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

How Wabi-Sabi amplifies through simplification?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci Wabi-Sabi – a Japanese term – is a form of appreciation for the beauty of simplicity. It is an idea foreign to many westerners. Wabi means a lack of materialistic ‘wealth’ while feeling free from a need of worldly things. Sabi is defined by a feeling ofRead More…

  • August 01 ,2017

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

What is George Clooney’s secret to “Effortless Cool”? Sprezzatura.

I have always loved George Clooney: from the doe-eyed Doug Ross in E.R to the smooth Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven to the suave Ryan Bingham in Up in the Air. But, while he is visually appealing and a talented actor, it isn’t his looks or acting that make him stand out to me. ItRead More…

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