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  • March, 01 2019

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Is diversification for suckers?

Modern economics is built on diversification “Diversification is the only free lunch on wall street” Anonymous Modern portfolio theory lavishes praise on diversification. The basic thesis is that while higher returns require a higher amount of risk; diversifying or spreading your risk across different assets with low correlation to each other can give you highRead More…

  • December, 01 2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Why the path to joy goes through color?

“Without emotion, there is no beauty.” Diana Vreeland Colors bring Joy I remember the festival of Holi! People throwing handfuls of colored powder at each other on the streets of Delhi. Clothes stained in every color imaginable – pink, blue, red, green. Peals of laughter. Thinking about it brings a distinct feeling of happiness. HoliRead More…

  • November, 01 2018

  • Written By Rajat Mishra

Why China could dominate the new AI world order?

China and the United States have an enormous lead over other countries in the AI race setting the stage for a bipolar AI world. Whether it is private investments, where the super seven – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – dominate. Or public investments where billions of dollars are being pumped byRead More…